Cartoon Cartel is a collection of 9,999 cartoon NFTs living on the Solana blockchain. Three factions, one mission, save the world. 

Detailed project info here.

More than just artwork

The Cartoon Cartel NFT collection is a community driven project, with over 3500 unique holders across all collections.

Along with some badass NFTs, we’re building a comic book, an in-depth story, and much much more.

Cartoon Cartels primary marketplace is Magic Eden. We are also listed on Solanart, Digital Eyes, Solsea, & more coming soon.

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Meet the factions

There are 3,333 NFT’s in each faction and the factions are randomly distributed throughout the collection.


The Mechs were originally created to help out with everyday tasks. As time went on & technology advanced the Mechs developed to be lifelike. Today, they are completely integrated into society.

The turned

Before they were the Turned, they were human. They used to live happy and quiet lives until the aliens came but when they left, the humans had been completely unrecognizable. The aliens turned the humans into inanimate objects.

The Surf

The Surf were almost completely wiped out when the aliens came. The aliens robbed the planet of its natural resources, including water. The Mechs and Turned did everything they could to save the surf by building suits for them to live on land. The water supply is running low so the Surf will need to do something quick if they want to survive.

THE Aliens

Holders of Cartoon Cartel NFTs will be able to mint, for free, an NFT from the secret fourth faction. The fourth faction NFTs are tradeable on Magic Eden.

alien tech NFT

The alien tech is an item NFT rumored to have been left behind after the invasion. 

This item is the last chance to save what’s left of the cartels planet. No one knows for sure what this tech will do, but it is made with far greater technology than anything the cartel has discovered. 

Read more in the lore here.

Crash site

To mint an Alien Tech NFT, you need to travel to the alien crash site. 

The crash site is a far and treacherous journey that can not be made alone. If you can bring together 3 brave heroes, you can make the journey.


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Rarity Tool

Cartoon Cartel NFTs have their own rarity tool. This allows holders to enter their NFT number and tell them the rarity of each of their individual traits along with the rarity-ranking of their NFT out of the entire collection.


We joined Matrica Labs to get access to some of the web3 tools they have created. One of the main tools is a sales bot which automatically posts an embedded message every time an NFT from one of our three collections is bought and sold.


The Cartoon Cartel team purchased metaverse land to help expand the community. This includes both a Portals room and a LUX Penthouse. Any holder can access this room whenever they like or find it listed as "cartoon cartel lounge" under the portals downtown directory.

cart (2)
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Comic book

Holders will be able to get a free ebook version of our comic book!

This book is going to tell the origin story of the Cartoon Cartel. 

The community had a contest to decide whch NFTs were featured in the book! A few lucky holders have their NFTs displayed throughout the story.

NFT airdrops

We will be creating and releasing multiple NFT collections for the community. Every one NFT you hold from the three factions (surf, mechs, turned) will earn you free mint of one NFT from the upcoming collections. These collections will be used to expand the Cartoon Cartel story. The only way to get any NFTs from these next collections will be by either holding an NFT from the base collection or buying them on secondary market.

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Governance / Polls

Will allow holders the ability to vote on certain proposals put out by Cartoon Cartel. Only holders of Cartoon Cartel NFTs can vote on these proposals.

$100,000 liquidity pool

We added 100,000 USD to the CARTEL-SOL liquidity pool on Raydium to allow holders the ability to swap their $CARTEL tokens for $SOL. 

At the time adding funds to the liquidity pool, $100,000 USD = 975 $SOL 

The staking feature was cancelled after 8 months due to third party issues.

Ownership rights

By owning a Cartoon Cartel NFT, you have commercial rights to the artwork of the NFT you own. This means you are free to do whatever you’d like with your NFT. All holders have verifiable digital ownership just by holding a token in their wallet, but we wanted to go the extra step and give full commercial rights as well. 

More info

For more detailed information on the project, check out our detailed project info page here. We go in-depth on all of our plans with the Cartoon Cartel NFT collection & the cartel brand we’re creating.